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Introduction to Admissions for Graduate

Graduate and Post-Graduate Programs​
Please refer to “Academic Offerings”.

Each Faculty reserves the right to change requirements for degrees as it deems appropriate.
Students are subject to the rules of the University at the time of enrollment.

Graduate Student Work Load
Full-time students must enroll for at least 9 credit hours and a maximum of 15 credit hours.
(See appropriate Faculty regulations)
Part-time students are those who enroll for less than 9 credit hours.

Admission to a degree in the graduate and post-graduate programs is granted through the Office of Admissions and Registration, which receives and processes all applications, evaluates credentials, and issues notification letters. Standards under which students are admitted for study in these programs are established and monitored by the departments and Faculties concerned.

Admission Requirements
Applicants to graduate studies must hold a bachelor's degree from a recognized institution of higher learning with an undergraduate general average of at least 80. The candidate’s file should contain the following documents:

a- An application for graduate admission.
b- Three recent passport-size photographs.
c- A certified copy of the Lebanese Baccalaureate Certificate or its equivalent.
d- Official transcript(s) from the university(ies) attended during the last three years, and the corresponding course descriptions.
e- Two letters of recommendation.
f- A non-refundable application fee of L.L. 135,000.

The acceptances are decided upon the recommendation of the Faculty Graduate Committee.
Students who fail to fulfill certain requirements may be admitted on probationary status to the graduate program. A student admitted on probation must achieve an average of 80 or above during the first semester of graduate study with a full-time load.

Transfer Credit

Students transferring to the graduate programs may be granted transfer credits up to 40% of the total credits required of the degree including 20% as CBE (credit by exam). Students pay ¼ of the credit fee of the corresponding program type per faculty rate excluding any automatic support. Transferred credits apply only to courses in which the applicant had earned a minimum grade of 80 and equivalent in content to courses offered at UOB.

The concerned Department/Faculty decides on the equivalency of courses.​

Students in good standing who break the continuity of their graduate programs for one year must reapply through the Office of Admissions and Registration. 

Reactivation of Application
Students admitted to the graduate program who do not enter in the semester for which they applied and subsequently wish to be considered for a later semester must reactivate their application for the new semester.

Undergraduate students
Seniors with a cumulative general average of 82 or above may be permitted to register for a maximum of 2 graduate courses.  (Senior Engineering students, please refer to the Faculty of Engineering).

Each department specifies the conditions for joining its graduate program (undergraduate Prerequisite courses, language and aptitude tests, interviews, etc.)

The Master's Thesis
(See appropriate Faculties)​​​​​

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