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In Search of the Meaning
Readings on the Lebanese Novel

The book is a collection of texts about novels I have read. It talks about my relationship with them, my discovering of their meaning, and perhaps of mine. I have seen myself in those works and that is what I wrote about in my critiques. Undoubtedly, they are subjective rather than objective texts, for as it is difficult to separate the writer from his novel and his heroes, it is also difficult to separate the critic from his text and the meaning he believes he has uncovered. Such meaning is not necessarily the real meaning the novelist wants to convey, but it is certainly the meaning desired by the critic, so he projected it on the text. The critical text might claim to have detected the implicit meaning of the narrative text, but, in fact, it reveals the meaning that lies within the critic himself. No matter how high the level of creativity his art of writing has reached, it still hides a well-established and deeply-rooted identity behind its surface objectivity.

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