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Bylaws of the Senate
Members of the Senate

Bylaws of the Senate

- As Approved by the BOT in its meeting of June 1 2001 -
I- There shall be a Senate of the University.

The Senate shall be composed of:

a- Full time faculty members, who have served for at least one year at UOB, of the rank of lecturer, assistant professor, associate professor, and full professor who shall be elected by the full time members of the various Faculties.  Elected Senators shall serve for a renewable term of three years conditional upon continuity of full time appointment.

Representation of Faculties

Academie Libnaise des Beaux Arts (ALBA) 3
ALBA (Main Campus) 2
Saint John of Damascus Institute of Theology 1
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 3
Faculty of Business and Management​ 3
Faculty of Engineering 6
Faculty of Sciences 2
Faculty of Medicine and Medical Sciences​ and
St. George Faculty of Postgraduate Medical Education
Faculty of Health Sciences 2
Faculty of Library and Information Studies 1

The Senate in its first meeting will elect a Secretary from among the elected members. The Secretary keeps the records of the Senate and will prepare the agenda, for regular meetings, with the President.  The Secretary will serve for a renewable term of one year.

The Senate shall serve as an advisory body to the President on academic matters of the University.

a- The Senate shall hold regular meetings called for by the President.
An agenda prepared by the Secretary of the Senate with the President will be sent to the Senate members by the President, one week prior to each regular meeting of the Senate.

b- Special meetings will be held upon the written request signed by five members with a stated agenda. The President shall decide on the date and time of special meetings.

All members of the Senate - elected and ex-officio - have the right to vote.  Adopted motions of the Senate shall be recommendations to the President.

A quorum shall consist of a majority of membership, and recommendations will be adopted by majority vote of members present at the meeting.

The President may invite resource persons to attend meetings and share in deliberations but they are not entitled to vote.

Proposals for amendment of the Bylaws may be initiated by the President or by written petition signed by five members.  A majority of two-thirds of the total members shall be required for adoption of amendments.

Bylaws of the Senate and amendments thereto require approval of the Board of Trustees to become effective.​

​The President, Vice-Presidents, Deans and Directors are ex-officio members.

Academie Libnaise des Beaux Arts (ALBA)            Position /Rank
Ms. Catherine Ariss Lecturer
Ms. Aurore Beaini Lecturer
Mr. Fady Chiniara Lecturer

ALBA (Main Campus)
Mr. Joseph Haddad Lecturer
Mr. Antoine Khairallah Assistant Professor

Saint John of Damascus Institute of Theology
Archimandrite Jack Khalil Associate Professor

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Dr. Mohamad Rihan Assistant Professor
Dr. Marlene Kanaan Professor
Dr. Samer Annous Assistant Professor

Faculty of Business and Management
Dr. Roula Al Daia Assistant Professor
Ms. Hala Farhat Lecturer
Mr. Samir Sertin Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Engineering
Dr. Rodrigue Balaa (IFUIT) Assistant Professor
Dr. Nicolas Haddad Assistant Professor
Dr. Mostafa El-Hassan Assistant Professor
Dr. Elie Honein Professor
Dr. Henry El-Zakhem Associate Professor
Dr. Hekmat Zerbe Visiting Associate Professor

Faculty of Sciences
Dr. Roula Abdel-Massih Associate Professor
Dr. Imad Zakhem Assistant Professor

Faculty of Medicine and Medical Sciences and
Faculty of Post Graduate Medical Education
Dr. Eid Azar Doctor
Dr. Zeina Baz Doctor
Dr. Ziad Daoud Professor
Dr. Mirna Waked Doctor

Faculty of Health Sciences
Ms. Mathild Azar Lecturer
Dr. Elias Chalhoub Associate Professor

Faculty of Library and Information Studies
Dr. Nadine Haroun Assistant Professor
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